What We Do

We import and distribute a wide range of construction machinery products which includes Tower cranes, Crawler Cranes, Mobile Cranes, Self-erecting cranes, Material Hoists/Winch, Passenger Hoists, Earth moving equipment, Concrete batching plants, Asphalt plants, Automatic cement brick making machines, Stationary concrete pumps, Mobile concrete pumps, Concrete mixture trucks, Concrete steel pipes, Steel-wire ropes for cranes, Spare parts for all above mentioned machines.

Construction/Passenger Hoists

We are the only authorized dealer in Sri Lanka for world renowned material and passenger hoists brand – ALIMAK HEK from Sweden.

ALIMAK construction hoists for passengers and materials have been used for over 50 years in all types of applications. The standard range of Alimak construction hoists offer the optimum transport solution for low rise, medium and high rise constructions of all types. Typical applications include new build construction, refurbishment, chimney/slipform, offshore and bridge construction. Please visit below link for more details of ALIMAK products.

SC 45/30 - Economical yet technologically advanced…

The ALIMAK SC 45/30 is a reliable and the most cost efficient construction hoist in ALIMAK product range, offering simplicity of operation, ease of installation and intelligent design with a low total cost of ownership. Engineered in Sweden and manufactured in China to offer a competitive price against Chinese hoist brands.

SC 45 – Smoother ride guaranteed...

TALIMAK SC 45 is a construction hoist for passengers and materials. It offers flexibility, efficiency, safety, low energy consumption and low cost of ownership making it the ultimate choice for both construction and rental companies. The heart of the hoist which is the driving mechanism, which is consisted of Motors, Gearbox, control panels and safety device, will be sourced from Sweden to provide a quality and smooth ride. The rest of the components such as cage, mast sections etc. will be furbished in China to give an economical factor to this product.

Scando 450 – For the premium users...

Most advanced product out of all, Alimak Scando 450 is a construction hoist for passengers and materials. It offers flexibility, efficiency, safety, low energy consumption and accessibility which is improved by a modern microprocessor based control system, ALC II, which can solve many site logistic problems. For example, the system reduces waiting times by storing all calls from the landings and sending the hoist car that is logistically nearest to a landing to pick up cargo or passengers. Scando 450 is fully designed and manufactured in Sweden which makes it a premium product but offers the most technologically advanced features in this market sector.

Concrete Delivery Pipes and Accessories

The task of stationary Concrete delivery lines is to transport the widest range of concrete to wherever it is poured or further processed. When combined with stationary concrete pumps, it is high pressure that the lines must withstand. At the same time, they should also be wear-resistant and it must be possible to adapt them to all conditions of use with an extensive range of accessories.

ur well trained team of technicians can take up any project which requires laying of a stationary delivery line up to the operation of concrete pouring. Depending on the customer need, we can supply delivery pipes from Germany and China which are relatively different in investment as well as durability and quality.

Delivery Pipe Accessories in Stock

  • Delivery Pipe Bends/Elbows
  • Delivery Pipe Clamps
  • Rubber Gasket for Clamps
  • Rubber Flexible Hose

Used Machines

In addition to brand new machinery sales, we also import and supply used machinery and equipment for range of applications. We currently have a used machinery supplier network from countries such as Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Japan, Turkey, Middle-east and China from which we carefully inspect and identify the most suitable and high quality machines according to customer requirement. At current, we are capable of supplying Used Tower Cranes (LIEHBERR, POTAIN, COMANSA, and TEREX), mobile cranes, Crawler Cranes, used passenger hoists, Power Generators, used concrete mixture trucks, used concrete pump cars, stationary pumps (PUTZMEISTER) and earth moving equipment. In addition, Envision Holdings provides a warranty for most of the used machinery sold; in order to make sure what we deliver satisfies the customer.

Tower Cranes

Envision Holdings International is the only authorized dealer in Sri Lanka for world renowned heavy machinery brand – LIEBHERR from Germany.

Liebherr is the world's largest supplier of tower cranes. Our range includes machines for all systems and size classes. We have the perfect solution for every construction task. At five sites throughout the world the division produces a wide range of top-slewing cranes, fast-erection cranes and mobile construction cranes for a wide range of applications. The payloads of the Liebherr crane systems range from 5 to 5,000mt. The cranes have reaches of up to 100m and a maximum hook height of up to 120m with freestanding machines. In recent past years, Liebherr has initiated a production facility in Pune, India in order to cater to the Asian market which has become fairly competitive with introduction of Chinese manufactured tower cranes. This facility is currently produce a limited number of tower cranes models which are comparatively low in investment and low running cost which has attracted a lot of consumers who are seeking a high quality product at an affordable price.

Wire Ropes

Envision Holdings International supplies high performance wire ropes which we stock in a wide variety of constructions for Tower Cranes, Mobile and Truck Cranes, Overhead Cranes, Gantry Cranes in Construction, Automotive and the Steel Industry. We also stock a large variety of standard and custom designed ropes and accessories meeting national and international standards.

Following Wire-rope grades are commonly in stock which can be used for tower cranes, mobile cranes and crawler cranes.

  • 12mm Diameter (Right-hand Lang-lay, Hi-Compac, Galvanized/Ungalvanized) – Made in Germany/China
  • 14mm Diameter (Right-hand Lang-lay, Hi-Compac, Galvanized/Ungalvanized) – Made in Germany/China
  • 16mm Diameter (Right-hand Lang-lay, Hi-Compac, Galvanized/Ungalvanized) – Made in Germany/China
  • 18mm Diameter (Right-hand Lang-lay, Hi-Compac, Galvanized/Ungalvanized) – Made in Germany/China

Concrete Batching Plants and Asphalt Plants

Concrete Batching Plant

Envision Holdings is capable of supplying concrete batching plants according to customer requirement which varies with capacity, efficiency and capability. We only supply the equipment from selected manufacturers around the world, countries such as China, Turkey, USA.

With the advancement in the technology and demand for onsite concrete manufacturing, we are now promoting Mobile Concrete Batching equipment. This method will save the initial plant setting up cost, running cost, faster turnaround and within a limited amount of space.

Asphalt batch mix plant is ideal construction equipment used for manufacturing of asphalt that is mainly used for road construction and other civil construction. Asphalt is prepared by mixing appropriate proportion of aggregates, sand and stone dust, heated and then appropriate promotion of bitumen is mixed on standard temperature and then it is transported to work site. Similarly to Concrete batching plants, we are capable of supplying high-quality used or Brand-new plants with technical support throughout your operation.

Spare Parts and Accessories

Envision Holdings maintains a stock of spares for all the brand-new machineries we market in Sri Lanka. In addition to these, we are also capable of importing and supplying original spare parts for PUTZMEISTER and SCHWING concrete pumps, Chinese made Passenger Hoists and Cranes.